Reviews and Reputation Management

What does your online reputation say about your business? Likely, a great deal.

But what it says may or may not be an accurate picture of you or your business. It may not reflect your amazing product or service. It may not reflect your excellent customer service. This often leaves business owners with trying to stop the bleeding (often without a good solution) or they ignore it and say it’s just the way it is.

Many factors can contribute to a bad online reputation. In each case, there are ways to solve the issues. Some may include:

  • *Your company does not pursue reviews from customers
  • *Customers are using your reviews as a complaint department
  • *They may not understand your industry or business
  • *Customers may have no way of voicing their frustrations with others
  • *Your customers may forget
  • *They may not have the time
  • *Customers may not “technically” know how or where to leave a review

If you are one of those business owners who tried to address the bad online reputation, you may have had many people you know put up a good review. Some did, but then you may have run out of people to ask. Maybe it made a little difference. Or maybe it got too time-consuming since it was directing making your business money. But make no mistake about it, you are missing valuable opportunities for new business. More and more people are actively seeking reviews before deciding to spend their dollars. So actively addressing it is the only way!

I have an excellent solution for the conscientious business owners who know that addressing their online reputation is important. They know that they will have an advantage of the competition when they are the leaders and they show up as the business to use in their industry. We actively are Certified Partners for Review Leads online reputation management system.

Our customers have the opportunity to get real five-star reviews from their satisfied customers and we put a system in place to reach out to new customers, as well as leaving the opportunity to easily get reviews from your website. It’s about time! For so long business owners had absolutely no solution.

The Review Leads management system is easy to use. We set it up for you quickly and you begin getting your reviews. When considering your advertising budget, include this system and see the rewards. It is one of the most cost-effective solutions and it brings quick results. To learn more about this service, please visit our Review Leads page or take a look at the Overview Sheet. Take control of your online reputation! And feel free to contact us with any questions!

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