Can We Pay You Every Month?

You can make money by referring other people to us for websites.   Anyone can join the web design affiliate program.

There is absolutely no cost to you and we’ll even provide you with graphics, banners, and checklists that you can use for promotion. We like to keep things simple.

You get paid when your customer’s payment clears.

Click below to get started today!   Great for….Web Designers, Digital Publishers, Businesses and Associations, Individuals


Through the TMP Media Group design affiliate program, you’ll be paid a commission of 10% every time you forward along a web design client. You get paid, and they get a great new website.


When you send a lead our way, like telling a client or your brother Simon that they should hire TMP Media Group to do their website, we pay a 10% commission. Your responsibility starts and ends with just sharing our details when you stumble upon someone who needs our web design services.


Think of all the people you know, the clients and customers you have and the affiliations you’ve established. How many of them have a website? How many need a better website? How many have asked if you could recommend someone? Stop turning them away. Instead, turn those eager leads into dollars!

This is perfect for businesses who deal with other small businesses but don’t offer web design services themselves. Boost your bottom line without adding any work to it. For example, a $2,000 website could bring you $200 in pure profit just by sharing our name. Best of all, they’re going to thank you for it.


We don’t just build websites, we help market them, too. We help small business owners succeed online. Each of our clients receives a detailed marketing consultation after their web design is completed that gives them step-by-step, actionable instructions on how to transform their website into an automated money-making machine. They’ll love it and they’ll love you for thinking about us.

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