Community.  In what ways can our company add to this community and change the lives of the people who live here?  One way in which we intend to add to our community is through internships for women and men, which are essentially like a trade school class combined with real world experience. 

After our program, it is our intention that the participants go on to jobs they lacked experience to obtain or may not have been considered for.   The intern receives the actual work experience they were able to obtain and record on a resume, as well as a portfolio, if that applies.

Internship Areas:

  • Web Design
  • Administrative/Office
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Graphics
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Video/Audio

How long do the programs last?

Our internships are a minimum of three months, but interns can be kept on longer if they are interested in another area or want more experience. There is a commitment of working with the owner for instruction and meetings, as well as working on their own and then review/feedback of their work.  This is an expectation of a constant open communication between the owner and the intern.  This can be accomplished while going to school and/or working other jobs.

Does an intern receive compensation?

Since the intern is learning one-on-one in real business, there is no compensation.  However, the intern can receive commissions for selling our products after an online training course.  The intern can continue to receive commission every time they sell our products and use it as an additional stream of income for as long as they wish.

Further Community Benefit

Bringing skills such as these to our area benefits our community directly by having skilled people available to fill any technology needs.  Some people may find jobs; others may find a niche for themselves in the technology field and work for themselves.  Strengthening our workforce and having qualified people to fill technology positions is a benefit to everyone.

How do you choose interns?

We choose interns based upon their desire to gain information and work in the technology field.  Preference is given to women who show motivation to work in the program. The goal is to bring more women to the field. Of course men are also welcome and will be considered as interns.  They do NOT need a background, just and interest and a desire to learn and be coached. Interning brings out the people who are interested and are just willing and eager to learn about the field.

How does a potential intern apply to the program?

The intern will write an essay, submit a resume and be interviewed in person or on Zoom.  They must show an interest in learning and being coached.

Do you hire interns?

If there is a need in the company at that time, then we will consider our interns.

After the initial program, do interns go on to get jobs?

They will have some real experience and, if it applies, a portfolio.  Therefore, they are more apt to be considered for a position.  If the intern wants more training and/or wants to build a larger portfolio, in most cases they can stay on.

Besides training, what other benefits will an intern receive?

The intention is that in addition to training, they receive benefits like:  more self-confidence, motivation, a success mindset and a knowledge of how to continue to learn and grow.  The outcome for each intern will probably be based on what they are willing or would like to achieve.