Website Maintenance Services can be an important part of your website.  If you need to update important events, change dates and are constantly making changes, a website maintenance contract might be right for you.  You can make the changes yourself, but if you get busy, we are here to help.

Maintenance contracts can include:

  • Product changes or additions
  • Updates to calendar or upcoming events
  • Photos, graphics, graphs, and charts updated
  • Text rewrites and edits
  • Training
  • Communication by e-mail 7 days a week
  • Friendly, personal service (hey, we’re friendly all the time)

Pay-as-you-go Maintenance Service $75/hour


For businesses and individuals requiring regular and on-going website maintenance services, our maintenance plans services give you a discounted hourly rate.

Micro Maintenance Package

1 Hour website maintenance a month
(additional hours at $65/hour)


Small Business Maintenance Package

3 Hour website maintenance per month (additional hours at $60/hour)


Medium Business Maintenance Service

5 hours website Maintenance per month (additional hours at $55/hour)


Corporate Maintenance Package

10 hours website maintenance per month (additional hours at $50/hour)


In our efforts to help your hypnosis business succeed, we offer several support services that allow you to use a trusted source for your technology needs.  Please contact us with any questions you may have!  It’s our pleasure to work with you!