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We create websites and marketing that connects to your customer.

TMP Media Group creates online solutions for business owners.  We realize that every business owner isn't a website designer, so we provide services and products that give you the competitive edge....and empower you to take control of your business....your way.  

From complete website and branding solutions to do-it-yourself WordPress instruction, you pick the style that suits you and your business.  Our mission is to provide our customers with the best service, instruction and support services.

If you want the whole package, TMP Media Group works with you to design a custom, professional website that can work FOR you.  If you are hands on and want to have control all the time, take our WordPress course and design your website yourself.  Even if you have tried to master WordPress before, we make it easy to learn with step-by-step instructions.

Your website is your potential customer's first impression of your business.  You and your business deserve a professional, functional and flexible site from TMP Media Group.  And....our support services increase the value of your site and further serve to brand and market your business.

Websites Are Important For Your Business

In today’s digital age, potential customers shopping for products and services are more likely to do an online search than they are to flip open the phone book. Businesses that can be found online can attract new customers more easily than those that rely on curb appeal and print advertisement. A business website is one important part of a strong online presence. Just having a website doesn’t mean your business will automatically attract new customers. You need to make sure your website can be found easily through search engine optimization (SEO), is attractive and user-friendly and contains accurate and up-to-date information.

An online presence is essential for tapping into the modern market. With an effective website, you can potentially increase your business. Keep in mind that a relevant web presence requires attention. By actively engaging customers and potential clients on social media and keeping your website updated, you can attract clients that many business owners have ignored.

TMP Media Group provides you with a functional custom website, tools to use it effectively and the support and information to use it optimally.   In addition, we offer on-going business and technology information to help run your business.  When you take the Eternally Yours website package, we are a consistent and knowledgeable business resource.   TMP Media Group is the modern-day website solution for making the most of your online presence for your business.

Four Options for Your Website Project

I want a professional website.

I want to brand my business.


I want the Elite Package with everything!

I want to learn how to make
a  DIY WordPress website.


Which option works best for you and your business?

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Help Us Share Our Knowledge

What a privilege to have the amount of knowledge and experience that allows us to be in this field.  Therefore, we hope you will help us give back.  Learning with TMP Media Group is real experience that you can't get in a classroom...or from just reading.   If you know someone who could benefit, please have them contact us.

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