–We are TMP Media Group–

My name is Tina Pineiro, owner of TMP Media Group, and I have over 20 years of experience in the computer field.  We assist solo entrepreneurs in understanding technology and using it for their business.  My customers have increased business, attracted new customers, effectively used social media and much more….taking their business and the business owner to the next level.

Although I’ve worked in the field, there is a big difference between making a website that is only aesthetically-pleasing and making a website that meets the needs of customers.  When I began working with business owners, I realized there was a real need for information as well as providing a website.

Many of the people I worked with had paid thousands of dollars for websites that did not meet their needs and did not function.  A large percentage of those that came to me had no idea how to change anything on their site, much less know any detail about things related to the site.  They just paid fees and had a giant, expensive, unchangeable billboard.

Well, that ends with us.  Whether you get the whole package or decide to do-it-yourself, you get the information and tools to make it work for you.  Since I’m a business owner myself, I am interested in seeing my fellow entrepreneurs succeed.

We live in an interesting time.  Some of us know the old school way of doing business and may not have been exposed to the information necessary to have a functional site.  You may know you need one, but you might not be sure why or how it can add to your business.

TMP Media Group doesn’t just make a website…we make a solution to your business needs with customized sites that are mobile and user-friendly.  We make you a website that meets your needs and your customers, as well as converts.  When you expect quality, experience, functionality and performance, look to TMP Media Group.  Our designers will help you with an online presence,  information and support services that will increase business and assist you in your reputation management.